January 26, 2011

Change . . .

In case you haven't visited BingaBows.com lately, there has been a change!

I've slowed WAY down in the bow making area.
Those of you who check BingaBows.com regularly have probably noticed that I haven't updated the website in a LONG time.
I just don't have the time to do it.
I've been so busy lately with church and family.  I teach voice lessons.
Oh, and I started a new blog, Loving Every Second!

So BingaBows.com now brings you right here to my blog!
Hopefully I'll have some time to make some cute new styles soon.

In the meantime, check out the adorable and affordable jewelry I have!
Just click on the "Jewelry" tab at the top of the blog.

Have a fabulous day!!!

PS - I still do custom orders!  Those are the only orders I've worked on lately, and I love doing them!  Email me if you want a custom bow/blossom made :)